PressurePlot v2.0

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PressurePlot was developed by CSIRO to query the PressureDB database and visualise its oil and gas data.

PressureDB currently contains data for 1853 wells from basins across Australia

Features of PressurePlot include:

  • built-in graphical tools to do things such as constructing a best fit line to a series of data points
  • zoom and plotting to generate diagrams for use in reports and presentations
  • Generation of reports on selected data for use in spreadsheets and for further analysis.

For any given well, PressurePlot will search in the PressureDB database to find the data from that well. PressurePlot then plots a vertical profile with depth down the well bore of either:

  • formation pressure
  • formation temperature 
  • formation water salinity.
  • porosity
  • permeability
  • thermal conductivity
  • geothermal flux

Other geological and drilling information can also be viewed. These include:

  • rock layers 
  • rock type 
  • drilling mud data 
  • data quality from PressureQC쯬i>

PressurePlot can be used to

  • show production induced pressure depletion 
  • show how fluid densities can be calculated from pressure gradients 
  • show pressure breaks associated with low permeability strata 
  • identify anomalous pressure points

An example of a single well plot in PressurePlot


PressurePlot is Copyright 2007 CSIRO