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PressureDB: pressure database for Australia’s subsurface.

CSIRO has developed a database called PressureDB to store geological data from oil and gas wells including: 

  • Formation pressure. 
  • Formation temperature. 
  • Formation water salinity.

PressureDB is regularly updated with information from recently drilled wells as project opportunities arise. It provides an easy way to find and report data from oil and gas wells across Australia.

Quality control

As the data in the PressureDB comes from a variety of wells over a long history of oil and gas exploration in Australia, the quality and accuracy of the data can vary. CSIRO has developed a PressureQC system that assigns a quality code to each data point based on its individual characteristics. This way, people using data from PressureDB can quickly assess the accuracy of each data point.

Viewing relevant data

With more than 47 226 pressure data, 21 871 temperature data and 4 054 chemistry or salinity data in PressureDB, it can be difficult to see data of interest. To help solve this problem CSIRO has developed a visualisation tool called PressurePlot. PressurePlot can be used to view or report data from PressureDB. PressurePlot is being used by major oil companies and international research institutes.

Adding data

If wells in a particular area of interest are not already present in PressureDB, CSIRO provides a data entry service to update the database.

Wells are entered and QC’d according to the following charge rates:

Confidential data entry and QC: $2000/well
Non-confidential data entry and QC: $1500/well

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PressurePlot is Copyright 2007 CSIRO